10 Best Free Screenshot Tools That Measure Up To Any Premium Options

by Neil Nguyen
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Anyone inventing the ‘PrtSc’ key deserved a medal, and we couldn’t agree more. But sometimes, the command only comes across as inconvenient, considering it never has the pics at the ready if the users don’t open any third-party app. To overcome this matter, many have started installing the best free screenshot tools on their devices.

Today’s list is all about them! We have compiled ten go-to programs that no PC owners would want to miss out on based on personal tests, available features, and online reviews. Make your pick and let it add simplicity to your screenshotting! 

10 Best Free Screenshot Tools For PCs

Despite charging you nothing, these reliable screenshot tools have a lot to offer that go beyond your expectations.


ShareX is something of a rarity to come across these days, a full-feature screenshot app open to the whole Internet that happens to be a freebie. 

Its origin dates back to somewhere around the 2010s, over 10 years ago. We would not say this popularity is a surprise. Just look at its range of superb functions that are always within easy access first.

Rectangular, ellipse, and freehand – those are the basic shapes of screencap the tool is designed with. A staple of all quality screencap applications, but what comes next is the major detail. Once you have the photos in hand, you can add some simple annotations of various styles (arrows, highlight, written texts), putting some emphasis on your points. 

Taking pictures of your screen using ShareX is less time-consuming since you can directly save them without any editor tool. Or upload them straight to your social media account in a split second (The tool supports almost all platforms and all upload methods)

One thing we believe you would find quite useful. These abilities cover screen recording as well, which is something we do not think easy to find in anything free of charge.



Screenpresso is the next freebie to consider. With an intuitive dashboard offering unlimited access to camera and editor functions, it makes a fine option for all situations and all purposes.

The pictures produced by this tool are always of decent quality. And since the brains behind it understand your needs to mark them with highlights and notes for later reference, they have been thoughtful enough to include a set of annotations.

This app can also double as a video recorder and load your driver with HD clips. Then all your content (vids and pics) will go straight to the Screenpresso Cloud for storage if you do not feel like using them immediately.


If you do not screenshot on a daily basis but still prefer having one  quality tool in case something urgent comes up, SnapCrab is likely to fit the bill!

The app’s features are more on the basic side, exactly what you would expect in something that comes with no price whatsoever. There is no advanced editor tool in the package. But it does have its own unique part. We are talking about a mini-sized screen popping up in the lower right corner of the desktop, displaying a preview so that you can get the best out of your screenshot.

The rest is pretty much the same as any other application on the list. You get the ability to save your snapped pictures in multiple formats, including GIFs, and share them via social media. 

Now, we agree that this might not sound like a dream package. But if screenshotting is not any crucial part of your job, why must get more and leave most features untouched?


The next option for saving your screen is Greenshot, a simple-looking but no way simple-functioning freeware. Lightweight (less than 5 MB), quietly in active mode in the background, it is ideal for a quick snap here and there every time you need to save some information undeterred.

Being a tool for screenshotting, Greenshot allows you to take the entirety of your desktop, a window, or a region, then save the photo at the push of a button. You get to decide how long the pic is going to be, considering the scrolling web page capture feature is right there, and where it will be next (your drivers, social media accounts, or even a printer).

Another thing that you will love is the extra customizations it allows you to perform, which includes both annotations and obfuscation. Whether it is stressing an important matter or covering up something secret in nature, Greenshot has got your back!


We must say, Screentake is quite a practical application for daily use. Being a free option puts no limit on the tool’s versatility, for the producer has managed to squeeze all the functions you can think of into its system. 

Upon trying it for the first time, you will find yourself browsing through screen capturing options that hardly anything outside the advanced and expensive zone offer. The whole dashboard is intentionally divided into numerous categories with their own labels. Each contains smart digital helpers that get all your shooting/ editing needs done in a jiffy.

For example, its biggest plus is the extra room for your creativity. Unlike most apps that set a fixed default menu for the attention-grabbing factors, the built-in photo editor broadens your choices to emojis, transparency, and even other images. 

Plus, several filter effects are integrated into its system so that you can get the right finishing touch.

Screentake makes a good pick for users often in meetings, evidenced in the fact that you can save your screenshots in multiple formats. This begins with the fixed staples of all photo-related software (PNG, JPG, and whatnot) to more unusual choices like GIF and WebP. 

In case you want to show your friends something, just go straight to the share section and copy the prepared links.


The name of this freeware is pretty much an indication of what you need to have it do the job nicely: Snip and paste. How it appears as a tool is just as uncomplicated – a quiet dweller in the background that comes to your aid with one press of the F1 button. 

Then the only thing left to do is to save that image into your drivers.

Straightforward as it sounds, the tool has prepared a lot of wow factors that can lengthen your screenshotting to minutes. Because you will want to stop for a while and explore them all. 

The part that we think to be its selling point is what we would call “hovering clipboard”. The part that you “snip” using your mouse will not make its way into your PC’s storage right away. You can paste it onto your desktop as a side window, then magnify, rotate, or flip it as you please. 

The translucent and click-through options are the best, as they let you have some references for your work without getting in the way.

That is not the only delight Snipaste has in store for its users. In the process of modifying your screenshot, you can highlight or put in some notes on certain sections so that they stand out. And if you do find some information too personal or sensitive, the blurring and mosaic effects will take care of them in a blink of an eye.

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

With the name sounding so much like a gimmick, Awesome Screenshot might raise some skepticism about its own ability. But just take it out for a test, you will realize in delight that it actually holds true to its name. Feature-packed and non-complicated, it has all you need for getting professional-quality shots of your screen despite the lack of fee.

You are looking at a 2-in-1 assistant, both video recording and photo taking are possible via its dashboard. And we dare to say that the number of resources it loads them with will take you by surprise. 

Once the pics or vids are already in your hand, Awesome Screenshot instantly produces a shareable link for them in your account. If you intend to use the tool to aid your workflow, the multiple formats it allows your content to be saved as, including PDF and 4K, and the various platforms you can sync it to later on certainly simplify things.

Overall, ten out of ten, but the separated uniqueness for these two key features is worth a closer look. 

Various desirable screenshotting modes, such as full-page, an area of choice, a window, or time delay are at your services, just as the annotations and cropping. In the case of video, you can embed audios or your own face via your webcam, which will certainly make tutorial or demo recording a breeze.


Fast, effective, and a piece of cake – LightShot is best described as that. A lightweight app thatsprings to your command once your finger hits the ‘PrtSc’ key, its basic yet necessary functions will come in handy.

The app captures your screen in no form other than a rectangle, but the part associated with annotations, saving and uploading all work towards perfecting your experience. It is possible to put emphasis on any sections included in the picture using highlights, arrows, or notes of your own. The colors of those markings are changeable to easily get your points across.

Then, you can directly copy and paste the photos to the ones you are talking with, put them online, or print them out. The tool even allows instant upload to your personal account, creating a gallery for backup or reference materials. 


ScreenRec is another interesting free screenshot suite that rivals premium software. A fine fit for both screenshotting and recording, it is what you need to have some visuals or illustrations for important discussions.

This super lightweight (though we can hardly say the same for its huge 2GB storage) nestles in a little spot within your PC’s system and shows itself upon your press of a combination, which is Alt + S. Then you have two options. Either take a snap of your screen, edit it as you wish by adding annotations, then share them, or do the same with screen recording.

There is a lot to delve into for the latter alone. Capturing a high-definition clip is one thing. You can even adjust the received content for a more work-fitting quality by including your voice and whatnot. 

The finished results are then kept in the tool’s private platform, with no watermark, so that only you and the one having the link can view them. In short, no more worries about information leaks!

Nimbus Screenshot

A browser-based program that serves both screensnapping and screen recording purposes! Although it is not entirely free (there is a premium version which grants more advanced functionality), the benefits you receive are something to be in awe of. That is why it deserves a place on this list.

The tool allows you to set up custom hotkeys that activate its working mode. Then, it will capture the whole desktop, a section of it, or a huge scrolling website. When having the finished pics in hand, it is possible for you to add some annotations to stress a certain vital point.

This goes the same for videos, annotations for customization and all. And for the special effects, the tool enables you to capture your face via the webcam in case you have to make professional instructions. The time rate and format of the final products are your choices to make as well.


Considering the best free screenshot tools and picking out what has your interest afterward has become a must for anyone with a PC. There is always a chance that you need proof backing you up during a discussion, or visuals for what you are attempting to explain. 

The demands can spring up out of the blue. Trust us, fumbling with the PrtSc key and an image editor will not do you any good in those times. 

See why you cannot say no to having a screenshot tool at your service? Then make your pick right away, stop sitting there and staring at the screen like that!

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