Quick Guide On How To Screenshot Chromebook With Ease

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If you have been familiar with Windows laptops and recently decided to purchase a Chromebook as your personal laptop, you definitely would want to know how to screenshot Chromebook

This procedure is somewhat different from other Windows or Mac units, so we have conducted a quick and easy guide on how to take screenshots in chromebook for your convenience.

Let SBMHowTo find out details through this article.

Detailed Procedures Of How To Screenshot Chromebook 

There are so many answers to the question of “how to screenshot with chromebook?”. Below are some procedures that we believe to be the simplest and work perfectly on any variants of your laptop. Now let’s not wait further and get started! 

Screenshot By Shortcut

This is the process that makes taking screenshots on a Chromebook so different from Windows, since the keyboard layout of each laptop is distinguishable. It is also the first way many users would find when searching for “how to screenshot a chromebook?”.

To take a screenshot, you will need to press the special “Show Windows” key in the shape of a rectangle next to 2 lines, and follow these steps in order

Taking A Full Screenshot

If you want to capture your entire screen, proceed to press these keys at the same time: Ctrl and Show Windows. Then everything on your screen appears in the picture.

Capturing Specific Areas

In terms of how to screenshot on chromebook, other than a full picture, you can generate a dedicated window for capturing a portion of your screen. You will need to find the Ctrl, Shift and Show Windows keys, then, do as follows:

Step 1: Hold down Ctrl and Shift keys at the same time, after that press Show Windows.

Step 2: The screen should quickly dim, and the cursor will transform into a crosshair. Use that crosshair to mark 1 corner of the area you want to capture. Remember to hold down your mouse or touchpad continuously.

Step 3: Pull the crosshair across the screen until the area is contained inside a box.

Step 4: Stop pressing down the mouse button and the laptop will automatically capture the screen.

Capture Via Stylus  

Should your Chromebook support a touch screen, you can use a Stylus pen to take screenshots with simpler steps.

Taking A Full Screenshot

Step 1: On your laptop’s homescreen, find and tap on “Stylus”.

Step 2: Take your Stylus pen and tap it on the Capture Screen option; this will take a quick snap of the screen.

Capturing Specific Areas

Taking a specific part of your screen is possible with a stylus, to through these steps:

Step 1: Similar to recording your entire screen, tap on “Stylus”.

Step 2: Instead of tapping on Capture Screen, tap the Capture Region option.

Step 3: Touch and hold your stylus on the screen.

Step 4: From there, start dragging your stylus to create a box 

Step 5: Release your pen and the area inside the said box will be captured.

Screenshot In Tablet Mode

Technology is in rapid development; with Chromebooks, they have been designed to operate as 2 devices in 1. Not only as a laptop, these high-end units have 360 degrees hinges, allowing you to flip the keyboard over and turn your screen into a functional tablet. 

So how to screenshot on a chromebook in this mode? Many people have the same question .The dedicated Tablet mode should not stop you from grabbing your screen. Simply hold the Volume Down and Power button in conjunction, and a screenshot will be ready in your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we found that many people are concerned about when they find an answer to “How to take screenshot on a chromebook?”

What Is A Chromebook?

Other than the regular laptops, Chromebooks are a new variety of laptops. This unique type of laptop is designed to help make your daily work faster and easier. 

These computers run on Chrome OS, a separate operating system that focuses on utilizing the diverse and fully-optimized Google apps, giving you smooth and efficient tools to take advantage of. 

Additionally, you can use some built-in apps to keep working on a Chromebook even when there is no Internet connection. This can potentially secure your information, minimizing the risk of data loss due to power cuts or sudden malfunctions.

What Is The Difference Between A Chromebook And A Regular Laptop?

It is quite accurate to suggest that Chromebook is a budget-friendly alternative to the expensive laptops. Right from the start, the biggest difference would be that they run on the Google personal operating system called Chrome OS. 

Despite its new arrival in the laptop industry, through many daily use tests, we can confidently say that ChromeOS is as good, if not better, than your traditional operating systems. 

From surfing the internet to designing your programs and graphics, the Chromebook can deliver lightning fast processing speed compared to other products at the same price range. 

Furthermore, should you be fond of using Android devices, you will love how similar a Chromebook is to your phone. Every app and program can be installed through the Google Play Store, ensuring maximum security and preventing harmful viruses from slowing down your laptop.

Where Is My Screenshot On Chromebook?

After you’ve followed the previous steps to taking a screenshot, a popup window should show up, notifying you of success. From that menu, you can choose between 2 options: copying that screenshot into the clipboard, or “favorite” the image.

The location of your pictures will be in the “Downloads” folder. In order to find the folder, below are some steps you must do:

  • On the left corner of the screen, click on the “Launcher” setting.

From there, find the icon called “Files”. If the app is not there, try searching it by browsing through the “Search” bar.

  • Once you find the aforementioned app, click on it to bring you to the file manager. Look around for the Downloads folder and your screenshots should be saved there.

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Last Words

And above is our guide on how to screenshot chromebook. Those steps are based on our own experience, so rest assured that anyone with any variants of laptops can do it themselves! We hope that by reading them, you will be able to take a perfect screenshot with little effort.

Thank you all for reading, and see you soon in the next article!

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