How To Screenshot On PC – 5 best ways to take screenshots

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Snapping photos of your screen using phones is the only answer when being asked about how to screenshot on PC? Things are about to change! Our guide on how to screenshot on PC will instruct you to handle the job in the simplest and most effective way through 6 comprehensive methods.

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How To Screenshot On PC

How To Screenshot On Pc – 5 Quick Ways

So, how to do the screenshot on PC? 

One thing is for sure, it is not as complex as you expect it to be. You do not even have to be tech-savvy or try to master any particular skill to get started. In fact, these 5 tricks alone can have you well-covered no matter what operating system your PC runs on.

Print Screen

How To Screenshot On PC

How to screenshot on a PC with the print screen? Using its namesake right on the keyboard, what else? It is shortened into ‘PrtSc’ from ‘Print Screen’, in case you have a hard time telling it apart from the rest.

What it does is pretty obvious from the name, to capture the entirety of your display. But simply holding down the button would not do the trick. You have to combine it with a series of other actions to have the image ready. 

  • Print Screen only: Tap this button once, and your PC’s system will immediately copy the whole screen. But the image will go straight to the clipboard, so you need to paste it on a different tool for further editing and saving (like Paint)
  • Print Screen + Alt: This is another way to take the full PC screenshot. The only part that differentiates the command from the first one is that it only captures the windows you are currently select, not the whole screen

(Imagine having both Google Chrome and Microsoft Words running parallel to each other even though your focus is on the latter only. Hitting this combination of key snap nothing else but its image)

  • Window + Print Screen: Use both these keys at once, and you can directly save the screenshot without an image editor tool. The whole display will even go darker for a second as a sign that the image is already taken. 

But it does not let you decide the storage location, so you need to fetch the saved images from the Screenshot file in the Picture section later on.

Snip and Sketch

How To Screenshot On PC

Snip and sketch is a screenshot utility built into all PCs operating on Windows 10, and you only need the Windows + Shift + S to activate it. You can have it grab certain parts of the screen instead of the whole big display, which is why the function is highly favored these days.

Once calling up this fused application, your screen will darken, and you have to drag a rectangle across sections you want to save, which appear in the usual brightness rate for you to track with ease. 

You can swap between this and the active window capture command, snap the full screen, or go free-from by selecting the available options. After that, just customize the image in the new pop-up dashboard, then save it when you are satisfied. The extra step of copying and pasting won’t be there to bother you!

Snipping tool

How To Screenshot On PC

Snipping tool, is the non-upgraded version of Snip and Sketch that can be found in all PCs. But in reality, its target users are any operating system older than the Windows 10. Despite being an old-school choice since the conception of Windows Vista, it still plays the role of a decent screenshot app up to this point.

All the features are practically the same as what you have for a Windows 10 device. But its dashboard is more on the cumbersome side, and you will have to go through some mode modifications to be able to finish a screenshot. (Not so convenient for regular screenshot snappers, if you ask us)

Game Bar

How To Screenshot On PC

Game Bar is another wonderful innovation found nowhere else except the Windows 10 systems. This time, it targets anyone fancying themselves as gamers, with tons of ground-breaking features that let you easily have an archive full of your memorable experiences saved right in your PC.

Simply by using the command Windows + G, you can have the built-in app up and running. And let us tell you something good. It does not stop at grabbing photos of your epic moments on screen, but comes with plenty of features to record your gaming journey as well as the audios included.

The best thing? While it is in the middle of working, you can receive a side bonus: Your PC’s performance during the game! Scan your eyes to the lower-left corner of your screen, you will find a thorough analysis presented in detail.

Third-party tools

If you would like some more advanced features for screenshot with PC, consider skipping the provided choices and download a third-party tool. Below is a brief rundown of tools counted on by most PC users these days, each of which offer its own package of features.

How To Screenshot On PC
  • Lightshot: This app has taken the whole Windows user community by storm with how it simplifies the whole screenshot process. It replaces the PrtSc button right after the download, and as you have the image in your hands, it allows detailed customization on the spot, or even sharing to social media.
  • Greenshot: Not as versatile as Lightshot. But the functionality of this handy tool is enough to cover your basic need to capture a full screenshot and properly edit it. You can also have it take pictures of a scrolling website.
  • Awesome Screenshot: An extension working for almost all existing browsers these days. It does not charge any cost, and provides plenty of features for screenshot, screen recording, as well as image customization. We would say it is an ideal choice for those choosing cyberspace as their main workstation.

The Extra Methods For Macs Users

The answers to How to take a screenshot on PC can vary when you switch to a new operating system. If you happen to be a Mac user, we have a few additional ways that can be activated via the Command Shift

  • Command Shift + F3: Capture the image of the entire screen.
  • Command Shift + F4: Snap the photo of a specific portion of the screen, controlled by clicking and hovering your cursor across the said part, then select it.
  • Command Shift + F5: A small dialog box will pop up. You can customize the available modes to have the most satisfying screen capping results saved in your PC’s system. Think of it as a new version of Snipping tool, dedicated to hand-free screenshot, but for Macs only.

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So, how to screenshot on PC again? The answer literally exceeds your expectations!

Today’s methods for the task come in flood, none of which is too time-consuming or too complicated to remember. You can get the job done in a blink of an eye no matter what you choose to settle with in the end. 

Next time when your colleagues at work ask you to screenshot something, you could be in your element and pull off the task unhindered, not in a pinch, hoping that nobody sees your fumbling on the keyboard! 

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